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"It is fair to say that I approached counselling with a degree of scepticism and nervousness as I’m a private person. However Alison quickly put me at ease and, almost instantly, I felt comfortable opening up about issues holding me back and affecting my every day life. Initially, I met with Alison on a regular basis, then followed up on occasion with ‘house keeping’ sessions, to keep on track and in check. Some sessions had an immediate impact, others gave me food for thought and helped me see things more clearly and take action to make improvements. I will always be thankful for Alison’s skill, support and way of working, creating a safe environment for me to comfortably open up."

- Male Client -  

"Alison helped me navigate traumatic issues with compassion and grace, and helped me move forward without ever making me feel inferior. I'm forever grateful to Alison for her friendly, professional and straightforward counselling, and can say that my life has changed immeasurably for the better since finding her."

"Alison knew exactly what to say and do at a time when I needed someone most. After each session, I felt physically and mentally lighter. Before long, I was back to myself. 


Her depth of knowledge was evident from my first session and her approach to my mental health could not have been better. 


I couldn’t recommend Alison enough to anyone who may have a low mood, is feeling anxious or overwhelmed. For me, 2020 may not have been possible without her."

- Female Client -  

- Male Client -  

"When I was first referred to Alison I was in a really bad state with my mental health and was in great need of someone to confide in. I was a bit apprehensive of going to a Counsellor as I had had a bad experience once before but soon felt at ease with Alison and began to relate to her and her methods of helping me to see that there was light at the end of the tunnel. She has been a lifeline to me over the years and I know she is only a phone call away if ever I feel the need of her help again."

"I have known Alison for several years and have found her to be professional , thoughtful and rational in her counselling. She has been able to identify and assess my issues and needs with understanding and compassion without judgement . She can connect very well on an intellectual , emotional and psychological level making my experience  in our sessions positive and supportive.

I came to Alison at a very ,very stressful period in my personal life with problems in my health , marriage and relationship with my children. With Alison’s guidance I managed to gradually unpick all three situations and evaluate my anxieties and sometimes unrealistic expectations of  the life I was living . At times my situation felt and was very dark  but with Alison’s gentle but probing questions I felt able to discuss these issues in depth and view them with more understanding. Alison can challenge when needed but it is always in a positive and reassuring manner.  

Alison allowed me the space to feel heard,  understood  and to verbalise my anxieties and fears some of which had been with me since childhood. I was a very anxious only child of a widowed mother and carried that anxiety into my adult life. She showed great empathy and flexibility in her approach to my problems and I have always felt very safe and valued working with her.

Alison’s responses to my worries and anxieties  were validating , insightful and realistic. She taught me to understand that it was not always my fault and to accept that I could not make everything perfect for those I loved and cared for.

I trust Alison implicitly which allows me to feel safe to discuss my anxieties openly without fear of being dismissed or judged  and this has been vital in improving my self image  and  mental health . A session with Alison is rewarding and affirming and gives me the ability to face my problems in a more realistic positive manner.

I cannot thank Alison enough for being there for me when life was very difficult. She helped me survive the storms and come out the other end a stronger person and for that I am eternally grateful . Quite simply Alison epitomises everything that a good counsellor should be ……I am very lucky to have found her."

- Female Client -  

- Female Client -  

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